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After the end of the Replicator threat, the Asgard install significant upgrades in Earth's new battlecruiser, Daedalus , and stationed an Asgard engineer, Hermiod, on board to oversee the new technology.

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The tests were different on different worlds, but on Cimmeria, the people in question had to walk across what appeared to be a very narrow stone walkway suspended across a great void. The values of selflessness and courage were given high marks on this part of the test. For the second part, an understanding of basic mathematics and geometry was required, leading the person to draw a radius on a stone circle.

When touched, the stone activated contact to the Asgard homeworld. It is unknown to which worlds the Asgard revealed themselves. Cimmeria is one, of course, and the people of Gelar knew that they had been under the protection of the Asgard for generations, even as they developed their own advanced technology. On K'Tau, Carter manipulated the panel that controlled the recorded holographic message, and that action initiated contact with the Asgard, in this case, Freyr 5.

The nature of Asgard society was never well understood. Family structure, social customs, and geography were left almost completely to conjecture. It is known that they had at least three homeworlds, from oldest to youngest: Hala, in the Othala galaxy, Othala, in the Ida galaxy, and Orilla, likely also in Ida and now destroyed.

Some part of the galaxy they were in was around 4 million light-years from Earth. The Asgard written language is runic and highly reminiscent of Germanic languages. It is perhaps this base that the Germanic languages on Earth came from.

The governing body of the species was known as the Asgard High Council. The size of this body was unknown, but Thor, Freyr, and Penegal were members of it. This political body apparently held all judicial, executive, and legislative powers of the Asgard government 5. In terms of technology, the Asgard were the third most advanced race in the known universe. Thor admitted at one time that the Replicators were capable of modifying the Asgard's weapons technology beyond Asgard understanding 4.

However, the Asgard were still very powerful in their own right. Their starships were capable of crossing the vast distances of galaxies in just a few minutes and were powerful enough to engage Goa'uld and Wraith starships and win with ease. However, the Asgard were not an aggressive or militaristic people, and were shown to be highly benevolent with their technology, even being remorseful at the prospect of destroying a life. Beyond starship technology, the Asgard were known to be highly advanced, with many fantastic capabilities, such as time dilation, suspended animation, and Stargate technology.

Neutronium, trinium, and naquadah are known to have been highly useful elements in their advanced technology. As their final act before committing mass suicide, the Asgard bequeathed all of their technology and knowledge to Earth; it was brought back to Earth on board the Odyssey and is now in SGC hands.

For more information, see Technology of the Asgard. About two years after the demise of the Asgard at their own hands in their home galaxy, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Dr. The reason why these Asgard left their home was because they wished to conduct experiments on human beings in order to solve their cloning problem human physiology is very close to the original form of the Asgard.

The Asgard High Council forbade this type of experimentation, and this splinter group escaped in their intergalactic spaceships 10, years ago so as to avoid the Council's sanctions. Knowing that human life existed in Pegasus and that the Ancients and Wraith were distracted with the war, the Lost Tribe of the Asgard carried on their experiments without interference. Then, the Ancients lost the war and left Pegasus under the control of the Wraith.

The Asgard had already formed several settlements by this time, and these settlements were targeted by the Wraith because they were technologically advanced. The Wraith destroyed the Asgard's intergalactic ships in the first battle. As a result, the Asgard retreated to a planet without a Stargate to hide within a poisonous atmosphere. At first they were able to survive this harsh environment with simple breathing apparatus, but over several thousand years, even their advanced armor—what the Asgard called "exoskeletons"—couldn't adequately protect them from their dying planet.

As a result, they had to venture out into the galaxy once more, ever fearful that they would be found and destroyed by the Wraith. In their travels, they found a research facility built by the Ancients that housed an advanced weapon developed by the scientist Janus to fight the Wraith during the war.

This same Janus was the one who had built a time machine inside a puddle jumper and was among the survivors who escaped through the Stargate to Earth when only those Ancients in Atlantis were left.

Many of his projects were not approved by the Lantian High Council, so he built a secret lab in the lower level of one of the towers of Atlantis. Daniel and McKay were the ones who discovered this secret lab, and when they entered it, McKay's Ancient gene activated the dormant systems, including the key to the Attero Device that's what the Wraith called this weapon. This key was connected through a subspace link to the main Device in the facility that the Asgard found, and as soon as they realized that they could eliminate the Wraith with this Device's full reactivation, they sent a ship and a team to Atlantis to retrieve both the key and the Ancient who had activated it.

Because both Daniel and McKay were in the secret lab when the extraction team arrived, both were taken with the key to the facility on M6H McKay reactivated the Attero Device after the Asgard threatened to kill them Daniel was going to be the first to go because he was "not that kind of scientist". With thanks to EmGee, for the beta.

Massive spoiler for Meridian. The Nox, Enigma, movie, Need, I think that's it. Fix-it fic for Meridian because I refuse to lose Daniel. Jack is unhappy and wants a miracle. But when It Arrives, does Daniel really want to live? When the higher-ups in the Marines notice the frequent fatalities at Cheyenne Mountain, they send in JAG officers to investigate. The outcome isn't what any of them expected. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Remember Me Forgot password? Meanwhile, Thor returns to Earth and wants Major Samantha Carter 's assistance to defeat the Replicators from taking over Othala , by using "stupid ideas" as a means of stopping them. Colonel Jack O'Neill is beamed onto Thor 's ship, the Biliskner , that has been taken over by their enemy the Replicators. Thor explains that the only way to stop them from taking over Earth is to destroy the ship and sacrifice themselves.

Major Samantha Carter and Teal'c defy O'Neill's order to not beam up and use explosives to destroy the deceleration drive causing the ship to burn up in the atmosphere after they escaped through the Stargate they beamed out of Stargate Command. Confident that the destruction of Thor 's ship the Biliskner in the atmosphere had ended the Replicator threat to Earth , SG-1 had managed to return when Stargate Command had put up the second Stargate.

They are shocked when they hear news that a Russian Foxtrot class submarine has been hijacked by creatures with descriptions matching the Replicators.

Hammond , this has also created a huge political mess. As the team prepares to move out, Thor arrives through the Stargate and enlists SG-1 to aid him. The war with the Replicators is going badly, and the robotic invaders are at the doorstep of the Asgard homeworld.

Daniel Jackson and Teal'c go to deal with the hijacked submarine, Major Samantha Carter goes with Thor to help find a way to stop the Replicators. At the submarine, O'Neill, Jackson, and Teal'c decide to penetrate the submarine and try to obtain some intelligence on how to stop the Replicators before they can take control of the submarine. Unfortunately, the Replicators begin to attack, and the team is forced to fall back. Teal'c is injured and at least one member of the scout team is killed.

Meanwhile, at the Asgard homeworld, Carter sees the incomplete Asgard ship, dubbed the O'Neill , designed to fight the Replicators and witnesses a short, one-sided naval battle in an attempt to stem the advance of the Replicators. Currently, five Asgard ships are in battle with three Replicator controlled ships.

Unfortunately, she still cannot come up with a way to defeat them. They are then contacted that the five Asgard ships have been destroyed.

The Replicators aren't attacking them because Thor's ship has less advanced technology than the ones the Replicator control. After some study from video recordings and Replicator samples extracted from Teal'cs wound, Jackson theorizes that the Replicators are made out of the same materials as the objects they consume, and since most of the Replicators are made out of the submarine, contact with the water will cause them to rust and deteriorate and short out.

Unfortunately, at least one of the Replicators is the survivor from Thor's ship, and would be made from materials resistant to seawater, so the team must go back into the submarine and ensure that the surviving Replicator is destroyed before sinking the sub. Back on the Asgard homeworld, Carter suddenly comes up with a daring plan. Because Replicators are attracted to new technology, she decides to use the O'Neill as a lure to draw the Replicators into hyperspace and destroy them by making the O'Neill self-destruct , since Asgard shields are offline when flying through hyperspace.

Thor balks at the plan, but eventually relents.