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My computers does date and time automatically. At first it worked:

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Selon une version du mythe, Europe, fille du roi de Tyr, une ville de Phénicie actuel Liban fit un rêve [ 8 ].

Le jour même, Zeus la rencontra sur une plage de Sidon , se métamorphosa en taureau blanc , afin de l'approcher sans l'apeurer et échapper à la jalousie de son épouse Héra. Imprudente, Europe s'approche de lui. Chevauchant l'animal, elle est enlevée sur l'île de Crète à Gortyne ou au nord du Bosphore selon certaines versions. À Gortyne [ 9 ] , sous un platane qui depuis lors est toujours vert, Europe s'accouple avec Zeus, sous forme humaine cette fois.

Plus tard, Europe est donnée par Zeus comme épouse au roi de Crète Astérion. But of course only with a lower quality imitation of the original. How could you not see this coming? Right down to the cross-processed slide film look. Everything with digital is about convenience over quality. As opposed to the effortless operation of a digital image capture device. U , January 23, , First of all Hello everyone For all you Poladroiders Friends remember that I'm not insulting again! They don't know what are doing!

Big kiss to you! See you soon PolaF This is not and was never the point. You are the reason we can't get film anymore. On mac you could add the ability to use the built in isight to take direct polaroids.

That would be pretty cool. Awesome wee application, joined the flickr and theres some really nice pictures there. Whenever I drag a photo into Poladroid, a new window pop out and said, "http: It was alright yesterday love the effects!

I'm here with a feature request. Can you copy over some of the existing EXIF tags from the source photos into the new Poladroid photos? The most important ones would be the time and date. I know other EXIF tags such as focal length, shutter speed, etc don't matter as much, since these are reprocessed, but if you do carry over some basic EXIF tags, photo management software such as iPhoto and Picasa can make good use of meta-data.

Thank you very much for making Poladroid and for making my pic the pic of the day!!! Give me informations OS, memory Try to desactivate "Stripes Effect" Hi there, i have successfully created polaroids last year but when i try this year the files saved are coming up blank pictures - any ideas why?

Pictures are saved inside. You can consult the new FAQ section. Works like a charm on my machine Windows XP. Installed without any problems. Thank you for your work and generosity. For the moment I don't know why. Please, take a look at that subject: I've waited and waited for the windows-version, but it doesn't work. I get an error-code: The "Download request not authorized" is only shown when the user clicks on download links two times double click or clicks from an outside link.

The first time click , the download process is running Please, try again in 10 seconds before launching another downloading from the download area. The downloading can begin with a little bit of latency. I use Firefox 3.

After the Java dropdown window telling me that on the next page the download will start after 10 seconds, the new page comes up with this error message, and after 10 seconds the browser returns to the download page without anything else happening: What kind of web browser do you use? Installation super simple, utilisation aussi, et le resultat est exactement ce que je voulais.

Donc un grand merci c est vraiment super. J espere que les auteurs feront une version pihnole camera Windows version is already done. So far I'm really impressed with the results.

I was waiting and waiting for a Windows version. Well, I think that's how. I can't get the program to work on my pc so I'm guessing. I can't drop and drag without the camera disappearing. What am I doing wrong? I totally love this idea! Do I have to buy win zip to download? My winzip free trial period is over Great software, thank you! The effect is very realistic! Some people even think that I scanned old Polaroid pictures And I'm sure you are preparing new exciting features for the next version!

I cant download it. So depressing, how do I download it? It keeps saying unauthorised download or something. I can see this getting submissions around social networks like fire. You coild come see it if you like: Un grand bravo pour ce logiciel vraiment sympa et qui fonctionne parfaitement. J'attendais depuis la sortie de Poladroid la version Windows n'ayant pas de Mac sous la main. But maybe you should look into the very high memory usage?? More than two-three pictures makes my XP-machine slow Hi, this is really great stuff!

Shake justto feel the essence Now your poladroid is ready!!! Especially for some old Poladroid user like me!!! VISTA seems very capricious: Sometimes, it don't want to start or crash. We used it on our "Keep an Eye Out" section, and the photo turned out dope!!!!!!!!

Absolutely fantastic application, totally addictive, and fun, too! This is such a fantastic tool, i am going to recommend this to all my friends Look at inside "post-processing".

I'm trying to add effects, but when I go to preferences there is no tabpanel called "effects"? You have to do it by your flickr account. I decided to disconnect temporarily upload links. I think that the download page is broken. I love Polaroids and Poladroid is addicting!!!

I've been eating, sleeping, breathing, and poladroiding! Gosh, haven't seen anything like it since Nintendo came out! This software fills the gap left after Polaroids. This will be my first donation.

Im Sorry to say this but, you are a frigging genius! Go to "preferences" or "settings" menu and click on the tabpanel "effect". Then select your "stripes" effect. Thank you for this simple and neat software.

I decided to mention it on My Lighting Mods blog so everyone interested on preserving the old polaroid look could use it. MAC OS version is broken??? How to fix "Poladroid doesn't want to load". Thank you so much for realeasing this for free to us. Like when they appear right on top of someones face, it looks weird. And the other suggestion i have is that sometime in the future you could maybe release a Photoshop Action only for the image effect without the frame, so we could use it on rectangular pictures, instead of just squared ones.

That's all, i hope you consider this on future versions of this amazing program. And i wish you great success on this wonderful project of yours, i'm sure it'll be even greater that it already is. Just downloaded the windows version and I'm loving it! I having been checking back for the Windows version and I am so happy to see that is now updated. This program is a lot of fun.

I'll be adding to the Flickr pool soon! Is there anyway I can purchase the finishes from you as actions? I am going to make a donation, but I would love to buy the actions themselves from you for photoshop. I downloaded it about 4 times until I realized that I had to click on the camera. I went to do another one. It would not work. The download puts folder Applications in my applications folder, but I can't open the program without re-downloading it.

Quand j'ouvre le dossier " Poladroid0. This looks fantastic, but the Mac version is broken. Hope to see a fix soon! Bizarre ces bugs, chez moi la nouvelle version marche impec'. But, since I've made a donation for this software, It would be nice to have a versions that doesn't expires every time I use it. Bonjour avant tout merci pour le program merveileux. I'm not complaining--its pretty cool.

I just thought there might be more, well, options The latest version only lets me 'poladroid' one photo - then I have to quit and re-launch the program, anyone else have this issue?? This is really quite neat, too bad there wasn't a Linux compatible version. Thanks so much for your great work, Mr. Thanks for the windows version!

I've been waiting for ages! Thanks a lot and Happy New Year! I love this program!! I downloaded it for Windows and it's just so useful. I love to read all your funny comments. I'm in holydays with my family for few days ago I'll post you another release as soon as possible with new features again.

Great work, in a few day I will read about this program in my photoblog http: I just love this. I really love this: U make my christmas become more and more unforgetable. Wish everybody happy in ! I didn't think it could be that good!!! I love seeing the pictures develop and how the color is different everytime. It's so much fun and I thank you so much for making this! Have a very merry Christmas and I hope all your wishes will come true!

Thank you so much for the window's version!!!! It just made my day a little brighter!!!! Just tried poladroid for the first time. It's a great gadget, fun to watch the picture develop. I feel the effect is a bit overdone sometimes, but try it for yourself. Thanks Paul and Merry Xmas Have a blessed !!! I'm having fun controlling Polaroids. Merci, bravo, merci et encore bravo!

Bisou, je t'aime, merci, je peux avoir un enfant de toi? Paulo, tu es le meilleur, c'est que d'la joie! Thanks for all your hard work Paul. The Windows version is so cool!!!! Avec la nouvelle version 0. Je choisis le minimum - encore plus vraisemblable! Paul for the windows version.. I really appreciate your effort to give us some fun Bonjour Monsieur Paul - je viens tout juste de vous faire un modeste don. Tous mes meilleurs voeux. Le logiciel de pour moi.

Allez un petit article sur http: You have done the world a huge favor. I will donate the second I can, thank you for releasing this for PC.

Paul Ladroid, I've downloaded and having a lot of fun now. Millions thanks to you!! Finally here comes the Poladroid for PC! Best thing for Christmas holiday! I will wait patiently for the updates! My god it's finally out!!!

Thank you so much it must be the best xmas gift ever!!! Le suspens aura raison de mon coeur. I have an idea for a photography book. For the new year I was thinking of taking one polaroid a day. Not a real polaroid, but a digital photo and turn it into a polaroid via www. What do you think of the idea? I even went to the mall and had my daughter ask Santa form me!

A great funtool creating impressive results, so thumbs up! And a merry Xmas to all of you! J'ai besoin de repos Il me taaaarde la version windows!! Papaaaa mooomaaan pourquoi vous avez pas acheter un MAC?

You need to make a version for the iPhone! It would be the killer APP! Read about it in my Dutch magazine and visited immediately. But saw no Vista version? Hey Paul thank you so much for all the hard work!!

The beta release is almost ready. I've got another life, with a family and childs and a job with several other activities. I'm so sorry for the delay. I try to fix several small issues. The goal is to get the most stable beta Windows version as possible. Thank you for your patience. Anyway,u hv done a great job!!! See the video at: Is it possible to get in on the Alpah testing for the windows version or is this closed now. Poladroid Featured on The Supermelon Just a note to say you were our newsletter feature today: U buy the flim from US and Europe, how u buy it?

Ridiculous how some people get so worked up about a fun little tool that someone made as a hobby project in his spare time. Paul, please don't get discouraged about all the unfriendly comments. Just remember there are tons of people out there who really appreciate your work.

I ain't jealous of nothing We cause there's more than just me just don't agree! It goes against our belifs. If you say that u do have an SX, u should be with us trying not to stop the production of the cartridges! As your good virtual friend said. And calling someone "gay" is discrimination And by the way I have my True friends, tha also uses True Polaroidas Love you all fakers Nooooo "get a life mean person" I already got one You are just toooo lazy t find some Cause you like living in lies As Violent Femmes would say: Allez, je vais faire mon max pour satisfaire nos chers et malheureux internautes sous Windows.

Sont gourmands les bestiaux! Parce que j'ai pas les sous-sous pour un apple. Sinon j'en aurais un. En plus mon homme est plutot PC. English version number is wrong but the release R2 or R3 works fine.

I've downloaded it once more Poladroid0. It's from October Which link should i try?? All links work fine I love this idea! I have a Macbook on the way so I'll be able to use this program as soon as I get it.

I can't wait to see this for myself. Can't download Verison 95R3 only 95R2!! TO True Polaroid User: I just think you are so jealous of this program.

You are jealous of how everyone supported him. Now everyone can enjoy or get an experience about how playing with Polaroid feels like. Are you being self-abased that is just because now everyone can have the fun as you do? Mr or whatever Ms True Polaroid User. I am a true Polaroid user as well. I got a SX and I know how much fun it is, but I also enjoy seeing this thing happens.

Everyone just wants to have some fun. Maybe it is because now everyone can play "Polaroid" in the internet and you are just holding your pail of papers? I believe everyone who got eyes can tell what is the differences.

You just sound so gay and disgust everyone. It won't get "dry" if you do that! It might get blured Love. You go and pick a Polarois Camera for you. Than you buy some cartridge. After that you go by yourself or with friends to every place you think it's interesting. Find a nice spot. SHOOT, hear the sound of a true polaroid camera, see the picture coming out of the camera and wait!

And the best thing is I erased some "incorrect" comments. Be cool and don't use insults. Now I'm not insulting You won't stop me of entering here every day to tell you all some nice things!

Dear Paul Ladroid, Calling me incorrect, and deleting my messages wont stop me of entering in this network and tell YOU ALL that this is a terrible thing for all polaroid lovers! For me it's like virtual sex! It'll never be good enough And for the users Kisses True Polarodi User. Looks really fun; keep up the good work! Oh well just wondering when will the PC version be released. Maybe is gonna be released on 1st jan A remarkable day on the calendar or is it xmas.

Paul Ladroid, I'm proud to annouce the photobook with my photos and your "Poladroid effect": Lirou - you use an unpopular computer the Mac's share of the global computer market is a whopping 3. No need to get upset. As I stated to someone else: Why would I want to use a mac?

Because I want to exist in a closed loop? Because I want to pay more money? Because I want pretty hardware? For the price of a macbook pro I could build the desktop of the future. Give the PC vs. Mac tired argument a rest. Especially since Linux trumps both. Let's just talk about Poladroid, and how it may have changed the way you take photos or the kinds of things you want to take pictures of.

Im disgusted on how half of these mac enthusiasts are acting, in the end they are all computers and you know what? Both operating systems have pros and cons so lets stop arguing about it and support and donate this awesome project!

Who live in a sad, twisted world. Look at this people, all desperate for a windows version. It must be sad living with such awful machines. Just buy a mac and your world will became a better place. You do not have to suffer like that. To everyone asking about the Windows version: Alpha testing is in progress and when most bugs are worked out there will be a beta. Hello I love the concept of Poladroid! It's hypnotizing me, very much.

But when is the Windows version completed? Thank you so much, this little piece of software is a gem! Loads of fun and much cheaper than the almost non-existent film. Hurry up and release the PC version!

I want to check it out!! Although, I also have an iPhone and there's this pretty cool app called "ProjectPolaroid" that does similar things with pictures you take from the phone. It would an awesome christmas gift Polaroid film will not be made anymore.

So, it is kind of dying out. Unless people can afford to buy jacked up prices for what will be old stock. As much as I love the real thing too, I can't afford buying from people selling it for 3 or 4 times the original cost.

Michael and Kay, if you want to talk about polaroids, go to a polaroid forum. In the meantime I think I'll head over to cubism. Michael , December 4, , 2: I'm sure none of the 30something thousand downloaders have ever held a real polaroid in their hands. Luckily, my computer prints them out from jpegs and psds. I know it was a rhetorical question, but it was really dumb.

Why would anyone want to fake polaroida?!?? Ever held a real polaroid you just shot in your hands? I'm telling you, it's one of the most awesome feelings ever. It can't compare to whatever you're trying to do here. And Polaroid is far from being dead!! Just look at http: I'd recommend keeping an eye on the site! I cant believe this! Raj , December 3, , This program is great, it revealed some pictures I made, and helped me to go back through older pictures.

I have it in my dock, and drop a few images a day on it. So easy and so much fun. Sometimes, Id'like it to be "faster", but that's part of the fun. How much do you have to pay Polaroid for this. They've been suing other polaroid-like tools in the past. I'm spending all evening poladroiding the pictures of my family. The results are fabulous! No photoshop can do it this this nice!

A Mac's like a PC but nowhere near as popular right? I think I'll wait for the PC version. Poladroid saves automatically - after treatment - pictures into your "Pictures folder". To modify this parameter: Printing is not implemented but you can do it by "Preview" double-clic on the Poladroid picture and Print it. I downloaded the program, installed on my Mac, converted one of my jpegs, it appeared on my desktop with a little red ribbon on the bottom, but how do I save the image as a Poladroid or upload it to Flickr?

I really love your app and very much apreciate your work! Please consider implementing a iPhone-Version. Imagine the real "shaking experience"! I don't care if it works great or not I've been checking the site 10 times a day. Thank you for making this wonderful software! Um guys, if you open your eyes you'll see that a Windows version is currently going through testing. Give the guy a break! The film for my have a very expensive now, need download for windows xp!

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